Resisting Change

There is no difference between destruction and creation. You cannot destroy energy. Nothing can really be destroyed. It can only be changed.

When you are in resistance and reaction to change, instead of being willing to change, you kill your body in the process. Please start listening to your body more. Everything will communicate with you if you are willing to be aware. Awareness is the key to changing everything.

Become aware of where you are NOT choosing the infinite space of you and acknowledge that; then you can change it. Embrace the space. Hard work is a point of view. It is an absence of joy in what you are doing.

This reality encourages left brain awareness; cognition, logic, calculation, computation, analysis, writing, etc as what’s valuable. It keeps you functioning in less than 10% of what is possible and reduces your capacity to receive with ease.

By contrast, animals receive very easily. They are not thinking about anything so they don’t get in their own way. With horses in particular, they do not have a corpus callosum which connects the right brain and left brain so they have no impediment to awareness. If we are willing to open up to more being and receiving – and less thinking and doing – then we can receive in the same way – with ease!

What have you misidentified and misapplied as ease?

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