Tool: Be Present When Eating

The next time you sit down to eat, eat the first 3 bites of your food being totally present without talking.  Just be very aware and feel where every taste bud activates.  There are at least 11 rows where different tastes occur so when you take a bite, start chewing and feel the different taste buds activating.  Do this for the first 3 bites of every item on your plate. 90% of the time you will never have to eat more than 9 bites.  Food should be orgasmic.  When you start eating with total presence and consciousness and awareness with your body; when you take a bite it will be like the best thing that ever happened. It will be like sex in your mouth.  When that occurs, you know your body wants the food.  You keep eating until the taste goes from orgasmic to cardboard and then you stop.  You know your body is done with it when the taste changes.

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