Ask Your Body

Do you include your body in your decision-making processes?  Do you ask it what if it would like to eat what you would like to eat?  Do you ask if it would like to see the movie you would like to see?

Beginning to ask your body questions is a very practical and very important process for you to gain the awareness of yourself and your body being one.  This gets you working together to be the best you can be and more.  If you aren’t asking your body questions, how can you begin to know what it is that it is telling you?

So how do you ask your body what it would like?  Well firstly, you ask your body Yes and No questions.

Your body doesn’t have a point of view.   It doesn’t judge.  It will give you awareness’s that it is requiring something.  If it gets it, great, it will use it.  If it doesn’t, it will function without it and then adjust and continue going on.

If you are willing to receive the awareness without judgment and without requiring an answer then you can perceive what it is your body is requiring of you.

One thought on “Ask Your Body

  • May 9, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    I have been asking my body things everyday, from what food to eat, to what supplements to take, to how much water it needs… I can ask my body anything and it will always tell me the truth.

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