Your Body As a Source of Awareness

Do you use your body as the source of your awareness?  It is not required for you to take things into your body to have awareness.

Learn to listen to your body and ask it questions.  Allow your body to tell you what is good for it.  When you go against your knowing or your body you will create illness or something else in your body – your body will let you know if you are going to the wrong place!

When you define your awareness (pain, ache, sickness, etc) you limit your capacity to receive more awareness.  Awareness is only good for 10 seconds.  Once you define it, you solidify it and it becomes a fixed point of view, a judgment.  There is no question in that.

Consciousness is not always comfortable.  Do you really feel worse?  Is it yours?  Are you transcending this reality?  Is something changing?  Being uncomfortable is an opportunity to ask “What else is possible?”

What if you jumped into the discomfort instead of avoiding it?  What awareness could be possible?  What if you amped up the intensity?

How many judgments have you locked into your body to avoid intensity of awareness?

Consciousness is not a state you achieve. It is a constant evolution of ever expanding phenomenal possibilities.

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