Choice and Decision

Choice always opens you up to more possibilities, it expands your life. Decisions cut away all other possibilities. Decision is from the Latin ‘decater ‘which means “to cut away from.”
The thing is that when you make a decision about something then you have to make yourself right. Once you’ve decided you’ve got the right answer, once you’ve decided you’ve made the right choice, then you have to justify that and you have to make it so; and you work very hard to keep it so.
You can choose to be a fireman but that choice doesn’t stop you from choosing to be a doctor or a dancer as well. A decision to be a fireman would mean that no other path was an option. That’s the only career for you.
Choice creates awareness. As soon as you make a choice, the awareness of the energy that choice will create shows up. You only have to commit to that choice for 10 seconds. You don’t have to go through with the choice. You can change it and choose again if you are willing to have the awareness and continue to ask questions.

So, What else is possible?