Selecting what your body desires off a restaurant menu

Ask your body what it would like to eat, close the menu and close their eyes, then say “Open your eyes and look at the menu.  What did you first see?  Does that match the energy?”

Or close the menu and close your eyes, then open the menu and look down the menu while asking their body what it would like to eat and stop them when you perceive the energy matches.  Ask “What was that you just read?  Then if they say,“Yuk!”  ask “Truth, is that what your body is asking for?”  Even if you resist ordering it, you will usually find that your body will be happy and the food will taste AMAZING.

Ask Your Body

Do you include your body in your decision-making processes?  Do you ask it what if it would like to eat what you would like to eat?  Do you ask if it would like to see the movie you would like to see?

Beginning to ask your body questions is a very practical and very important process for you to gain the awareness of yourself and your body being one.  This gets you working together to be the best you can be and more.  If you aren’t asking your body questions, how can you begin to know what it is that it is telling you?

So how do you ask your body what it would like?  Well firstly, you ask your body Yes and No questions.

Your body doesn’t have a point of view.   It doesn’t judge.  It will give you awareness’s that it is requiring something.  If it gets it, great, it will use it.  If it doesn’t, it will function without it and then adjust and continue going on.

If you are willing to receive the awareness without judgment and without requiring an answer then you can perceive what it is your body is requiring of you.

Your Body As a Source of Awareness

Do you use your body as the source of your awareness?  It is not required for you to take things into your body to have awareness.

Learn to listen to your body and ask it questions.  Allow your body to tell you what is good for it.  When you go against your knowing or your body you will create illness or something else in your body – your body will let you know if you are going to the wrong place!

When you define your awareness (pain, ache, sickness, etc) you limit your capacity to receive more awareness.  Awareness is only good for 10 seconds.  Once you define it, you solidify it and it becomes a fixed point of view, a judgment.  There is no question in that.

Consciousness is not always comfortable.  Do you really feel worse?  Is it yours?  Are you transcending this reality?  Is something changing?  Being uncomfortable is an opportunity to ask “What else is possible?”

What if you jumped into the discomfort instead of avoiding it?  What awareness could be possible?  What if you amped up the intensity?

How many judgments have you locked into your body to avoid intensity of awareness?

Consciousness is not a state you achieve. It is a constant evolution of ever expanding phenomenal possibilities.

Tool: Be Present When Eating

The next time you sit down to eat, eat the first 3 bites of your food being totally present without talking.  Just be very aware and feel where every taste bud activates.  There are at least 11 rows where different tastes occur so when you take a bite, start chewing and feel the different taste buds activating.  Do this for the first 3 bites of every item on your plate. 90% of the time you will never have to eat more than 9 bites.  Food should be orgasmic.  When you start eating with total presence and consciousness and awareness with your body; when you take a bite it will be like the best thing that ever happened. It will be like sex in your mouth.  When that occurs, you know your body wants the food.  You keep eating until the taste goes from orgasmic to cardboard and then you stop.  You know your body is done with it when the taste changes.

Who Can Benefit From Right Body For You?

If you answer “YES” to one or more of these questions then Right Body For You has something for you.

• Are you struggling with body weight issues, either taking it off or putting it on?
• Do you have pain or discomfort when you move your body?
• Are you wishing to improve your performance in a sport or other physical activity?
• Are you accident prone or “clumsy”? Would you like to be more coordinated and connected to your body?
• Do you wish to change the shape or appearance of your body?
• Are you concerned about the effects of aging?
• Are you worried about your child’s physical development?
• Do you have scars or disfigurements you would like to change?
• Are you unhappy with your body or face?
• Do you feel pressured to create your body to fit a standard?
• Do you have recurring pain or illness in your body that does not seem to respond to “conventional” treatment?
• Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder?
• Do you have a body?

The target of Right Body For You programs is for you to be able to communicate with your body and to begin to develop a communion with it. This would look like you and your body being best friends and playmates rather than adversaries that appear to desire different things.

Is that truly possible?

Here are some stories from people who are using the tools…

“That was the best bodywork class I had ever been to! My body was so responsive! This is the most dynamic change I have ever had and using Access Energy tools is so much faster than other modalities!” SL Australia

“I grew up with a sense of disgust of my body. I felt ugly. I criticized my fat butt, big hips, short legs, huge nose. I hated my body. I carried this burden through life. I lived in constant fear of rejection, so I withdrew from life as a poor victim. The combination of abuse and thoughts about my body created dysfunctional relationships with men. The stress of these things lead to stomach ulcers. In short, my physical life was a mess. RBFY has given me back my life. My posture is erect. My stomach ulcers are history and I wear a happy countenance. How does it get any better than this? And what are the infinite possibilities for you?” S.W. Australia

“For most of my life I have wondered what it would be like to truly feel fabulous about me and my body regardless of what anyone else’s point of view of me is, and even regardless of what my points of view of me and my body were before. Mostly this has been difficult to achieve or didn’t last long. Access really changed the energy I had been functioning from in a way that I can see the difference. I have so many more possibilities available to me and I have the tools provided from this class. Feeling great about me and my body and my life is no longer a fleeting moment…’s every moment. Thank you RBFY!” HS California

“When I turned fifty I started getting pudgy. Panic set in. Enter Right Body For You! My body has literally JUMPED on board. It KNOWS this stuff works–no hesitation–we are now singing the same tune! Thanks to Right Body for You, I dropped a dress size in one week, threw away the scales, bought some sexy new clothes and honey we are READY to take on the world! At 52, my body’s sense of fun now knows no bounds!”! D.L. Australia

Who would be looking for Right Body For You?
Have you tried all sorts of programs to change what is going on for you and your body? People everywhere are looking for something that works. Are you having any success with these?

Gyms or Fitness Clubs
Health Centers or Spas
Beauty Therapy Clinics
Cosmetic Surgery Clinics
Weight Loss Clinics
Wellness Clinics
Stress Reduction Clinics
Dance Studios
Sports Clubs
Athletic Clubs

Have you ever been encouraged to ask your body what it would like? Would you be willing to ask that question?

If you have visited any places like the ones on this list, Right Body For You can offer tools that will assist you with what you are asking for.

You can also add RBFY processes to your current health program and dynamically accelerate the rate of change that is possible. How does it get any better than this?

This program can be added to what is currently offered in Schools, Community Centres, Church groups, Human Resources Departments of Large Businesses, and many more.

What else is possible?